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LDRA & ENSCO, Inc. Partnership

ENSCO successfully utilises the LDRA tool suite on many programs. ENSCO provides our clients with turn key unit test solutions utilising LDRA Testbed and TBrun, along with a number of LDRA’s assembly coverage tools, to verify flight critical software to DO-178B Levels A and B and SEAL Level 1. Examples of the types of applications verified using the LDRA tool suite include the Trent 900 FADEC Operating System, the Joint Strike Fighter Multi Function Display Unit and Actuator systems, and a deicing system.

In order to provide the high quality work product, performance, and responsiveness to our clients, ENSCO has developed detailed work processes, work instructions and training material. Effective and efficient processes are the key to ENSCO’s ability to be responsive, produce work with the highest quality, and meet tight program schedules.

In addition to providing unit test solutions, ENSCO provides consulting services for the configuration, integration, and qualification of the LDRA tool suite. ENSCO has developed a solid relationship with LDRA, resulting in ENSCO providing an on-shore LDRA support option for US based companies.

Company Overview

ENSCO, Inc. provides engineering, science and advanced technology solutions for the defense, security, transportation, environment, aerospace and intelligent automation industries. Founded in 1969, ENSCO is a $100 million, 850-person, privately owned corporation. Headquartered in Falls Church, Va., ENSCO has major offices in Springfield, Va., Endicott, N.Y., Melbourne and Cocoa Beach, Fla., and field offices around the United States and in Beijing, China. For additional information, visit ENSCO, Inc.’s Web site at

Avionics Solutions

In November 2005, ENSCO announced a formal worldwide partnership with LDRA, a leader in avionics automated source code analysis and testing tools. This partnership brought new offerings, as well as new projects to ENSCO.

ENSCO’s Innovative Systems Solutions business area, based in Endicott, NY, logged a record year both financially and strategically. Through the engineering of safety and mission-critical systems, ENSCO’s technologists support multiple development, verification, certification, process consultation, and training activities for avionics customers. ENSCO’s expertise in both commercial and military aerospace markets has exhibited strong growth. Through continued investments in DO-178B, DO-254, and Mil-Std resources, new markets are reached and new doors opened.