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Arm and LDRA:
Synergy in functionally safe and secure embedded systems

The LDRA tool suite has been derived from many ground-breaking testing techniques developed by LDRA. The LDRA tool suite assists with eight primary software verification tasks: traceability verification, static analysis (design, code and quality reviews), unit testing, target testing, test verification (code coverage) and test management. Focus on all of these key areas is required to achieve an organisation’s software development and maintenance goals, particularly where functional safety and security are important.

Arm-based chips are already in more than 100 billion devices, and as the Internet of Things (IoT) rapidly expands, that number is expected to grow to a global network of one trillion connected devices. Security cannot be an afterthought. It must considered at inception, and each threat addressed with the appropriate countermeasure. Arm has been helping the ecosystem secure devices from chip to cloud for many years, and their commitment to an end-to-end approach to security dovetails seamlessly with LDRA’s commitment to ease the development path to secure code.

Arm’s commitment to functional safety is also self-evident, and complements LDRA’s 40 year association with the domain. For example, the Arm architecture is a key enabler of automotive technology, with more than 85 percent of infotainment systems and many under-the-hood applications powered by Arm-based chips. Medical device manufacturers develop small, battery-powered monitors, smart patches, and even inhalers that incorporate machine learning within the device, with Arm and the Arm ecosystem providing the foundational technology. And in industry. Arm partners make robust silicon built to allow users to find the right set of features in applications ranging from sensors to programmable logic controllers (PLCs), gateways and AI.

Arm-based chips are used by teams varying in size from a handful to thousands of developers, and it is important that the ecosystem is similarly scalable. The LDRA tool suite can be used by an entire project team, including developers, QA managers, test engineers, project managers systems engineers, and maintenance/support engineers, to automate the software development lifecycle, leveraging LDRA’s TLPs to provide a seamless interface for ARM developers to verify and validate their efforts. Through the deployment of the LDRA tool suite, those teams are able to deliver well-constructed, documented and tested software and benefit from significant time, cost and operational savings.

The LDRA tool suite integrates with the Keil uVision, Arm DS-5, and Arm Development Studio IDEs, and can be used with any use cases and technologies supported by them.