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Integration of the LDRA tool suite and Microchip Technology’s PIC Family

Integration of the LDRA tool suite and the MPLAB PIC18 and dsPIC32/33 tool chains leverage the ability of LDRA tool suite components to scale down into very limited processor environments. On the PIC18, this capability allows users to run code with kilobytes of RAM and tens of kilobytes of ROM. The LDRA tool suite is able to hook into serial I/O and provide output identically on a variety of PIC18, PIC24 and PIC32/33 processors.

Microchip Technology’s MPLAB graphical user interface

The LDRA tool suite fully hooks into the PIC tool chains and allows for compilation, linking and programming in the PIC tool chain environment. Despite the widely different compilers and processor differences, all of these are abstracted to the user of the tool suite behind LDRA’s Target Licence Package. End users can use the graphical test planning and automatic test vector generation tools provided by LDRA in the target environment, reducing the need for programmers and testers to have an in depth knowledge of the platform specifics, which vary greatly from processor in the PIC family.

The LDRA tool suite integration allows for very low cost and power usage PIC processors to be used in DO-178B qualified environments. Even with the non-ANSI standard C implementation on this processor, LDRA is analyze and run code on the target and extract the results back and create reports identical to those from a more full featured development environment. Therefore there is no impediment to using these processors in qualification environments to DO-178B level A or analogous medical or industrial qualification environments.

Selecting your MPLAB products using the LDRA tool suite

David Clark, software manager with Kidde Aerospace and Defense, a Hamilton Sundstrand Company, applauds LDRA for its integration with Microchip’s tools and processors. “LDRA’s customer support is superior to many customer support experiences I have had in my career. The FAEs’ in-depth knowledge of the LDRA tool and its integration into our test effort and the PIC microprocessor is very impressive. I would recommend LDRA as an integrated test tool just for the level of customer service they give.”

Microchip Partners with LDRA for Functional Safety

The partnership offers seamless integration of the LDRA tool suite with Microchip’s award-winning MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment and MPLAB XC compilers. The LDRA tools focus on compliance while leveraging the MPLAB tools for comprehensive support of Microchip’s line of more than 1000 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers and DSCs.