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LDRA tool suite plus Jama Connect equals a powerful solution for critical development

LDRA and Jama Software have partnered to close the verification workflow gaps in your development lifecycle.  The complementary capabilities of Jama Connect and the LDRA tool suite establish bidirectional traceability from requirements to test execution to present a powerful solution for the development, verification and validation of software systems.

Whether adhering to a standards-based V-model or using an Agile, Spiral, or Waterfall software development approach, the combination of LDRA’s requirements-based test suite and Jama’s product life cycle management tools has a major role to play in the improvement of software quality and in the delivery of timely, cost effective, safe and secure products.

Jama Software brings innovative analytics, solutions and insights to companies creating complex products and mission-critical software systems. With expanded product and service capabilities, the Jama Product Development Platform empowers large enterprises to accelerate development time, mitigate risk, slash complexity and verify regulatory compliance.

TBmanager facilitates complete system analysis by representing the static analysis, dynamic analysis, unit, integration and system testing disciplines in one view, graphically illustrating end-to-end traceability and exposing any high-risk aspects of the software and its design.  It eliminates the time-consuming rigour of manual testing, bringing savings, efficiency and an ease-of-use solution to the software embedded market.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a management framework for the software development lifecycle of embedded systems
  • Delivers end-to-end bidirectional traceability between requirements, design, code and test artefacts
  • Identifies software defects using the LDRA tool suite; logs, prioritizes, assigns and tracks defects in Jama
  • Greatly increases efficiency in software testing and reduces cost through automation and tool collaboration
  • Rapidly performs post execution analysis and reviews with the help of unique perspectives from both LDRA and Jama
  • Manages the adherence to process standards including DO-178B/C, ISO 26262, IEC 62304, and many others
  • Greatly increases efficiency in software testing and reduces cost through automation and tool collaboration.
  • Exposes high-risk defects and decisions by way of auto-code analysis and reporting.
  • Traces risks to upstream and downstream areas of impact.
  • Manages certification for standards: DO-178B/C, ISO 26262, IEC 62304, and others
  • Imposes coding standards (including MISRA) on development environments that require traceability, safety/security standards qualifications and certification evidence.