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LDRA tool suite and Intland codeBeamer® solution provides a complete ALM and software testing solution.

LDRA has integrated its tool suite with Intland codeBeamer ALM to offer a complete Application Lifecycle Management and software testing solution for embedded real-time, safety- and security-critical application development.

Intland codeBeamer ALM is designed to break down cross-enterprise silos and reduce lifecycle management complexity, helping development teams to build high quality products faster. The integration of codeBeamer ALM with the traceable, bidirectionally linked placeholders and artefacts of the LDRA tool suite extends its capabilities to embedded software development.

The unified solution enables bidirectional traceability between requirements, source code, and the analyses and tests performed on host or target using the LDRA tool suite. The outcomes of these validation and verification activities provide insights both into the progress of development and into the code quality, complexity, and stability of the evolving system. These insights are reflected both in the Jira user interface, and in the evidential artefacts accessible from codeBeamer ALM or the LDRA tool suite.

Founded in 1998, Intland Software have come a long way to become ALM market leaders. The services and integrated platforms they offer help unlock productivity and break down silos across enterprises to reduce the complexity of building high quality products. Intland Software’s codeBeamer ALM product is built to help product development teams and organizations looking to simplify & accelerate delivery using integrated Application Lifecycle Management.

TBmanager, the task-based interface component of the LDRA tool suite, provides a complete team-wide management workflow solution. TBmanager provides the facilities to complete each test task, create test artefacts, and link them to the requirements in codeBeamer ALM.

Leverage the integration by connecting to the codeBeamer web service, selecting a codeBeamer project, and exporting the multi-level requirements within the document files to TBmanager. Test cases and traceability links are retained, data is synchronized, and the most current records are permanently available to all stakeholders.

Key benefits
  • provides an ALM framework for the software validation and verification of real-time embedded systems
  • identifies code flaws using the LDRA tool suite, and logs, prioritizes, assigns, and tracks them in codeBeamer
  • delivers end-to-end bidirectional traceability between requirements, design, code, and tests artefacts
  • rapidly performs automated static analysis, dynamic analysis, unit testing, structural coverage, test case creation, and on-target hardware execution
  • greatly increases the efficiency of software testing and reduces cost through automation and tool collaboration
  • seamlessly performs post execution analysis and reviews with unique perspectives from both the LDRA tool suite and codeBeamer ALM
  • supports qualification and certification in accordance with functional safety standards including DO-178B/C, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and IEC 62304
  • imports codeBeamer ALM requirements and test cases into the LDRA tool suite, complete with comprehensive traceability links
  • exports LDRA tool suite test cases, verification status, and execution test results to codeBeamer ALM
  • integrates MISRA, CERT and other coding standards into development environments that require evidential artefacts relating to safety or security standards
  • automates test case, harness and stub generation for robustness testing
  • exposes high-risk areas and defects by way of automated code analysis and report generation
  • leverages codeBeamer ALM change and configuration management
  • includes drag-and-drop functionality for traceability link creation
  • provides Object Code Verification (OCV) for the most demanding safety-critical applications
  • is underpinned by LDRA’s ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System, and the LDRA tool suite’s TÜV SÜD and SGS-TÜV Saar certification