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Coressent Technology represents an ideal that focuses on the importance of the core or foundation of embedded software development. We focus on the key essential technologies required by developers to fulfill each product vision.

As a team of pedigree professionals, we truly understand the nature and meaning behind competent products, time to market, performance, cost, and excellent service. We accomplish this, without failing to realize the importance in the simplicity of fairness, and appreciation within each working relationship. Accordingly, Coressent Technology and LDRA teamed up in order to provide their customers with state of the art tools for software applications requiring compliance with today’s most rigid standards.


USA, Japan, South Korea, China, India, Taiwan and Israel

Speciality Standalone Products
  • LDRAunit – A Standalone Unit Testing Tool
  • LDRAcover – Code Coverage Reporting Tool
  • LDRArules- Programming Standards Checker

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LDRA and Coressent Press Release

Coressent Technology brings together core technologies that provide the key elements that developers need to fulfil their product vision. Its solutions form a foundation for embedded software development in device production. Coressent Technology bundles and resells LDRA products in the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, India, Taiwan and Israel.