The guide focuses on attributes that enable a quality model to be met by enforcing corresponding coding conventions. The guide draws on extensive Japanese experience of software development for embedded systems, coupled with existing best practices from MISRA C:2004, the “Indian Hill C style and coding standards,” and the GNU coding standards.


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IPA / SEC C Coding Standard Tools from LDRA
  • LDRA Testbed/TBvision, the core analysis engine of the LDRA tool suite, performs the static analysis required for coding standards enforcement including IPA/SEC ESCR
  • LDRArules is a cost-effective, stand-alone rules checker independent from the LDRA tool suite that is focused on increasing software quality through coding standards compliance, including IPA/SEC ESCR
Guidelines are characterised by quality attributes for reliability, maintainability, portability, and efficiency

The guidelines therefore cover a wider spectrum of C programming issues than those addressed by MISRA, which primarily targets reliability. The IPA/SEC ESCR guidelines also complement the security issues targeted by the CERT C Secure Coding Standard, and IPA address issues of naming conventions and style, which are not directly addressed by MISRA C:2004 and the CERT C Secure Coding Standard.

LDRA Offers Complete Transparency on Coding Standards Support

For every coding standard we support, we offer a complete compliance matrix so you can see exactly which rules are implemented within our tools. You can easily compare tool compliance to multiple versions of the standard, and you can assess compliance for multiple standards.

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