LDRA Competency Centre (LCC)

LCC, Bengaluru, India, caters to safety and security critical embedded software industry by providing training programs and workshops for corporates and professionals in the safety and security-critical industries such as aerospace, defence, automotive, rail, industrial, medical etc. Catering to industry-specific needs, LCC offers courses in areas which requires specialized attention like:

  • RTCA/DO-178C, ARP 4754A, ARP 4761 guidelines for development, safety assessment and certification of aircraft and systems
  • Training on ISO 26262 functional software safety and SAE J3061 cyber security compliance for automotive
  • MISRA C:2012 with security amendments, secure coding with CERT-C and AUTOSAR C++.
  • Focused training on requirement engineering, IEC 62304 for medical, IEC 61508 for industrial, EN 50128 for rail and energy, and
  • Intensive LDRA tool suite training

Training programs are held at the LDRA Competency Centre, a world-class facility at the India office as well as on-site locations in South East Asia. For more details, email india@ldra.com.