LDRA Certification Mentoring Program (LCMP)

The LDRA Certification Mentoring Program (LCMP) supports start-ups and MSMEs in the creation of world-class safety- and security-critical products for industries including aerospace and defence, automotive, medical, industrial, energy, semiconductor, rail transportation, and communications.


  • Targeting a global market and developing a world-class product for the embedded safety- and security-critical industries requires an in-depth knowledge of industry practices and standards, long-standing industry experience, and well-established industry
  • Many Start-ups struggle to access their chosen market, failing to achieve their desired growth because they lack these critical attributes in the initial stages of their incubation.
  • Handholding and expert guidance from an industry leader can ease the tedious process of product development and certification, addressing the pain points for MSMEs and Start-ups.

The LCMP offering

LCMP provides all the necessary tools, services and support as part of an exclusive and affordable package, helping budding enterprises in the safety and security critical domain to achieve their goal of developing products for global markets.

It includes:

  • Mentoring and consultation services on safety- and security-critical application development practises
  • Skill building through affordable training programs on various industry and process standards
  • LDRA tools on affordable terms
  • Exclusive entry to all industry-connect programs

For further details:

Please email india@ldra.com.