LDRA Academic Alliance Program (LAAP)

Professional certifications are important in today’s employment as companies prefer to appoint candidates with existing and relevant skills who require limited training. Through collaboration with academic institutions the program aims to empower the student community and prepare them for employment by facilitating a broad range of resources and support to faculties and students. The LDRA Academic Alliance Program is vital for this fast-changing and specific-skilled industry scenario.

LAAP aims to provide a platform with a thorough understanding of advanced testing methodologies and compliance with industry specific standards such as DO-178B/C (Avionics), ISO 26262 (Automotive), IEC 61508 (Industrial) and IEC 62304 (Medical Devices) etc. Initial focus will be predominantly within the aerospace sector then extending slowly to other verticals.

  • Safety critical sectors are recognising that students are not fully qualified – By 2022, India is projected to be short of more than 103 million skilled workers
  • Provides unique opportunities to educate engineering students, developers and software safety experts who wish to become familiar with current source code analysis techniques and methodologies
  • Opens up career opportunities in the safety and security industry
LAAP Objectives

LAAP covers all the steps necessary to produce ready to hire engineering graduates from university campuses for our clients and related industries. We can achieve this by working with the educational system and empowering them to craft aspiring young engineers.

Some of the activities include
  • Assistance in enhancing the curriculum
  • Faculty Development Programs (FDP)
  • Assistance in setting up process and methodology labs with LDRA Tools
  • Networking opportunities with our clients and like minded industry players
  • Workshops, seminars, webinars and on demand videos
  • Partners who can run short term courses in campuses
  • A pool of industry experts who can enhance the efforts of faculties in campuses
  • Collaboration with our clients and all other like-minded industry and professional bodies and govt. agencies.

Let us partner towards ‘Providing Expertise for a Safer Tomorrow’

Obtaining Further Information

If you would like to apply or if you would like to find out more about LDRA training, please email info@ldra.com.