LDRA is committed to providing the highest levels of support and services to help our customers meet their software quality and safety requirements.

Services & Support


LDRA Academic Alliance Program has been created through a partnership between universities and colleges in India, with the aim to educate thousands of engineering scholars to generate a competitive, experienced workforce and enhance global software safety and security expertise in India.
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LDRA Competency Centre (LCC), Bengaluru, India, caters for the safety and security critical embedded software industry by providing training programs and workshops.
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The LDRA Certification Mentoring Program (LCMP) is designed to help start-ups and MSMEs in the South East Asia region to develop products that are acceptable to the global market. LCMP provides the services, support, and expertise necessary for the implementation of safety- and security-critical standards.
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LDRA courses help software developers and testers using the LDRA tool suite become familiar with its source code analysis techniques and methodologies.
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LDRA provides on-site consulting to assist with the implementation and integration of the LDRA tool suite into your software development environment.
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Widely recognized as an elite support organization, LDRA provides support by both technology and methodology experts in the verification and standards compliance domains.
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