By following the Ravenscar profile, developers can meet the real-time community requirements for determinism, schedulability analysis and memory-boundedness.

Ravenscar Profile

Benefits of compliance to programming standards such as Ravenscar Profile:

  • Promote portability and avoid unexpected results
  • Ensure there is no reliance placed on compiler- or platform-specific constructs
  • Identify unreachable or infeasible code which often indicates a defect that will, at the very least, impact software maintainability
  • Prohibit certain language constructs known to be a source of common errors
  • Measurably reduce program complexity
  • Improve program testability, easing standard compliance and certifiability

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Coding Standard Tools from LDRA
  • LDRA Testbed/TBvision is the core analysis engine of the LDRA tool suite. It performs the static analysis required for coding standards enforcement and lets you view the results against supported industry coding standards to identify the common programming errors behind the majority of software security attacks.
  • LDRArules is a cost-effective, stand-alone rules checker independent from the LDRA tool suite that is focused on increasing software quality through coding standards compliance, including MISRA.

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