This technology partnership has led to LDRA assisting with the development of a C++ coding standard specifically for the JSF Air Vehicle Systems division.


As part of this close collaboration, the LDRA tool suite has been enhanced to incorporate the necessary technical features required to implement the software test process of the LMCO Air Vehicle (AV) coding standard. The LDRA tool suite automates the process for seamlessly checking the C++ standards required by the JSF project. The key benefits to the programme are that software is developed to a consistent style, is portable to other architectures, is free from common errors, and is easily understandable and maintainable by any team member.

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JSF++ AV Coding Standard Tools from LDRA
  • LDRA Testbed/TBvision, the core analysis engine of the LDRA tool suite, performs the static analysis required for coding standards enforcement including JSF++
  • LDRArules is a cost-effective, stand-alone rules checker independent from the LDRA tool suite that is focused on increasing software quality through coding standards compliance, including JSF++
LDRA Offers Complete Transparency on Coding Standards Support

For every coding standard we support, we offer a complete compliance matrix so you can see exactly which rules are implemented within our tools. You can easily compare tool compliance to multiple versions of the standard, and you can assess compliance for multiple standards.