Certification & Regulatory Support

Not all organisations have the luxury of on-staff designated engineering representatives (DERs) to assist the development team with proper process, documentation, and traceability. If your organisation is like most, your standards compliance process to achieve FAA or EASA certification is in large part a manual and tedious process.

Challenges to stringent FAA and EASA certification:

  • You may be required to comply to multiple standards with complicated guidance, not just DO-178B/C, DO-278A, and DO-254
  • The development process must be consistent, repeatable, and transparent
  • Product development is open to oversight at any time, and production of hard-copy compliance data is expensive and time consuming
  • Applicants must show independence according to design assurance level (DAL), providing evidence that verification activities are performed by a verification tool or an engineer other than the originating engineer
  • Programs can expect four to eight major audits, and compliance data must be produced and archived for each
  • Applicants must not only contend with complicated standards, they must also contend with complicated regulators

See Which Tools Are Right For Me? for help choosing your customised tool suite.

Certification & Regulatory Support from LDRA
LDRA offers the first comprehensive and fully compliant FAA/EASA certification services

These services are performed by our on-staff team of certification industry experts, including Level A DERs, who are credentialed across all aviation disciplines.

The LDRA Certification Services (LCS) team is also aligned with development and verification specialists who use the LDRA tool suite and other complementary tools to accomplish the activities that get your products ready for certification. In addition, the LDRA Compliance Management System (LCMS) helps you develop the infrastructure to become compliant to DO-178B/C, DO-278A, and DO-254 standards, whether you have a DER on staff, a consulting DER, or leverage our certification services. Although there is unique value in using our verification products with LCMS, it is not required.

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